Project 8. “Jeevan”

In the last week of April 2016, Dr. Suvarnasandhya Dhumal narrated her heart wrenching experiences of the plight of farmers in severely hit drought area in and around Pune district and the work done by ‘Nisarg Jagar’ an NGO managed by Dr. Suvarnasandhya Dhumal.

Everyone present at ‘Majhi Maitrin Katta’ showed readiness to extend her / his help. ‘Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust’ (MMCT) mooted the idea of Project ‘Jeevan’, collected the funds; added its own small share and handed over the funds to ‘Nisarg Jagar’ in the 1st / 2nd week of May 2016, to lend a helping hand to the deserving & needy drought affected families in a form most suited to the families affected.

The help rendered was in the form of direct payment by cheque, seeds & fertilizers, water supply by tankers etc. MMCT and the contributors to Project ‘Jeevan’  are deeply satisfied that through Dr. Suvarnasandhya’s ‘Nisarg Jagar’, their efforts have reached the right people at the right time and for the appropriate cause.

Dr. Suvarnasandhya Dhumal wrote in her communication to Shaila Limaye, Managing Trustee of MMCT, about the drought situation “We had planned to help the farmers’ families from 1st June 2015 to 1st June 2016. However, there were no rains at all in the months of June & July this year and therefore we had to continue deployment of water tankers.

We have The funds provided through MMCT have been used towards water supply by tankers. Severity of water scarcity could be judged by the fact that presently, the number of water tankers in Beed district is about 400 governmental, more than 200 private tankers and about 80 to 100 provided by NGOs.

This number was close to double of this during peak of summer. The help extended by you out of awareness of social responsibilities, has reached the farmers. I thank you all very much for the financial help given for this cause.”

Project 7. SECOW Group 3 ‘Mangala’

This Group makes Handmade, Machine stitched jute products incorporating embroidery work or hand painting. The Products include Shopping Bags & Document Folders for office use.

Project 6. SECOW Group 2 ‘Savita’

MMCT Started giving training to ‘Savita’ Group in Jan 2013.
After basic training MMCT selected 5 recipe of ‘Dry Chatni’ – Javas; Karale; Lasun-Dry Coconut-Tikhi; Lasun-Dry Coconut-Khatti Mithi; Peanut and now trying to create Market through the local Vendors.
As now customers are well known and confident about the ‘Majhi Maitrin’ Brand and efforts taken to bring the awareness of the maintaining quality of the products by these able women, sale of ‘Majhi Maitrin’ products are in demand.Trust helped this group with capital funds to buy essential equipment and raw material.
The income of this group at present is up to Rs.4000/- per month which is expected to reach to Rs. 25,000/- per month by Dec 2013.

Project 5. SECOW Group 1 ‘Jaya’

Simple goal of Majhi Maitrin is:

“To create a community of women from underprivileged section of society that is self reliant and employable through training, motivation, and the vital entrepreneurial guidance for improvement of their socio-economic life.”

During the earlier years Jijau was launched as a pilot project to test the validity of concepts developed by Mrs. Shaila Limaye. She had opportunity to conceptualize this project during her training in Israel (Management of small scale business )

The project was to be tested on the following premises:

  1. Unorganized sector women would have motivation to join such project and commitment and persistence to spare time to take up requisite training from their daily activities;
  2. Skills needed for services as well as management and organization of such project could be imparted to women who have to begin with minimal or no formal education;
  3. With due training and support the women would run their SHGs / Bachat Gats with pride and make it a commercial success for betterment of their socio-economic life.

As part of this ongoing project, Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust ( MMCT ) took up the development of ‘Jaya Bachat Gat’ which is captured in the foregoing section.

The women from Aundh and Pashan area joined as trainees first. Training in making chapattis (Maharashtrian bread) on a large scale was given to the trainees.

The group has been making chapattis on a large scale. The group now manufactures around 1500 chapattis a day and the sale of these chapattis is done through various retail shops in Pune and around.

The Trust provided Jaya Bachat Gat place for cooking, kitchen equipment, training in hygiene and accounting etc. and also managed finances. Thus  the group initially was not independent..

In the process of finally enabling the group to be independent the group was given training and guidance on various aspects of an Enterprise.

The following steps were taken for successful self employment—

  • all kind of training like production , accounts and distribution for 12 months in MMCT premises.
  • Motivating Jaya group to shift in their own place and start the activity except monetary matters under daily guidance of MMCT for 3 months.
  • To open an account in cosmos bank and start the cash transactions under daily supervision of MMCT for 3 months.
  • Ito start independent purchase of the ingredients like oil, atta and other grocery in small quantity with monetary help from MMCT for 2 months
  • To maintain cleanliness and hygiene at premises,
  • To build up their own fund – 5 months,
  • Tie up with Uttara food atta and start independent purchase in bulk without monetary help from MMCT.- 4 months
  • Totally independent operating and day to day managing of purchasing / production/ packing/marketing/and money handling under weekly observation of MMCT 5 months

Future task of MMCT:

  • to make the capacity of purchasing the cooking unit with their own funds- 6 months
  • to maintain books of accounts 6 months
  • to shift in commercial place.
  • To become 100% self reliant and stand on their own feet with self confidence in commercial market.

Currently the group is working independently except for periodic review of it’s activities and monitoring of systems. It has moved into a rental place and in near future plan to own kitchen equipment like poli making cooking unit developed by MMCT, mixer etc. so that they can be truly a commercial success.

While the focus has been on improving the quality of life of the members, the sustainability of the venture would always depend on the ‘value-delivery’ to the customers. With this in view there would be special focus in training on two aspects:

  1. Quality of work performed: This would be in direct proportion to the development of skills imparted to the members and knowledge of work given during the training.
  2. Quality of services rendered: This would essentially depend on the attitude development of the members. The basic attitude that needs to be imbibed is ‘customer orientation and satisfaction of the customer ‘no-matter-what-it-calls-for’.

 Training, thus assumes a very important dimension for effective working.

Result of effective training, formulation of strategy and services, delivery of the promised services is finally expected to result in its members becoming self-sufficient in every-which-way. With this objective, in view the trust took special efforts to develop the members in being true entrepreneurs. They were taught basic commerce and finance to enable them run the venture successfully and independently.

Jaya was a supervisor when MMCT was operating it’s ‘Coop’ project. ‘Jijau Audyogic Coop. Society’ through a Self Help Group under SECOW model.
MMCT wanted this Group to independently operate ‘Jijau Coop. Audyogic Society’. However, this group could not handle the accounts as needed and could not follow the cooperative system due to its illiteracy. Leaving this project aside, MMCT urged and developed Jaya to start her new independent group to carry on this project as a business as MMCT saw the ability of man-management and other qualities which are necessary to run the business.

We gave her confidence about our continuous support to the Group. She overcame her initial hesitation and accepted the responsibility. This Group follows all the methods and adheres to basic hygiene norms developed by MMCT and also has a tie-up with ‘Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust’ for using the Brand Name.
Now this Group under MMCT’s constant support and Jaya’s leadership has progressed well and has a sizable Turn Over.

Project 4. NALSA – Tsunami Legal Aid Project Nyaya Mangalam- Coral Date:- 19/12/2005

A Five Day Educational Programme has been conducted from 19-12-05 to 23-12-05.
Guests- Mrs. M. Umanagendramani , nursing sister Railway Hospital, Secandarabad.A.P..
Shri Bashir Ahmed, Educational Officer, Central Board of Workers Education, Vijaywada
Shri Ramkrishna, Leading Lawyer in Tenali Town
Shri Shrinivas, popular social worker of Tenali Town.
Shri Kotta Raja Rao, Secretary INTUC Guntur District.
Chandramaulipuram is a village having 400 houses with population of around 700 people- 250 men, 195 women, 255 children
(149 boys and 106 girls.This village is in very remote area from Tenali Town with distance of 40 kms.Tsunami affected fishermen from Tenali)
The Topics were as under:
a) Nutrition and Health Care
b) Prevention of HIV/AIDS
c) Eradication of Child Labour
d) Child Care
e) Economic Rehabilitation
f) Social Security
g) Human Rights and Women's rights
h) Role of NALSA
i) Legal Services - Legal Aid - Eligibility Criteria

Project 3. NALSA. (MMCT- Networking Partner in Maharashtra) Date:- 10/02/2005

Project NALSA
A prestigious organization like National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was constituted on 5th December 1995. His Lordship Hon. Dr. Justice A.S. Anand, Judge, Supreme Court of India took over as the Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority on 17th July 1997.
Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust is fortunate to conduct launching of NALSA project in March-2005 as the main partner in Maharashtra State. The trust was delegated to execute NALSA's project Legal Literacy Mission in Maharashtra.

(Under National Legal Services Authority- New Delhi.)

Programme No.1 Press Conference- Dt. 10th Feb-2005.
Chief Guests- Dr. Hemant Deshmukh- Chairperson- MLWB.
Shri. Ankush Kakade- Ex. Mayor, Pune,
Hon. Shri. B. B. Satarle, Pune District Judge.

Programme No.2 Awareness of rights – Hindu/Muslim Marriage act,
Property rights.
3rd March 2005, Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Pune.
Chief Guests, - Advocate Vaishali Bhagwat,
Durga Shukre,Vice President, Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Pune.

Programme No.3 Indian Labour Laws and their current status.
ILO con 87 & con. 98. ( right to organize and collective bargaining)
Chief Guests- Shri. G. Sanjiva Reddi, President, INTUC-Delhi/ Cement Federation.
Shri. Subhash Choudhary, Gen. Sec. Central Bank Officers Asso.
Advocate Nitin Kulkarni.

Programme No.4 Conference on Health Rights. 23rd Feb 2005.
Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan , Pune.

Programme No.5 Contract Labour Act. 13th March 2005
Women and Mathadi Workers Rally, from Krushi Utpanna Bazar
Samittee –ST Stand- Railway Station- Main Market and Hirubhau Gawli Mangal Karyalaya. Manmad (Dist Nasik)
Chief Guest- Shri Jayprakash Chhajed, speaker, MPCC,
Advocate Prakash Gawali, Shri Dattaray Dhatrak, M.L.A.

Programme No. 6. Women workers Rights, (Night shift, Health, Maternity Protection),
31st March 2005,
Maid servent and workers Rally. Hutama smarak to Gandhi Rd.
Nasik City.
Chief Guest- Jayprakash Chhajed, Spokesman, MPCC,
Shobhatai Bacchav, M.L.A.

Programme No 7 International Womens day Celebration-
Co-linkers-Western Railway Majdoor Sangh 9th March 2005.
Programme No.8 Women workers conference and Rally and Industrial Workers.
( Health and Safty) , Dt. 9th March 2005.
Walchand Nagar Industry, ( Dist. Pune)

Programme No 9 Street Play and Women-Children & Agriculture Workers Rally.
Vita- Dist. Sangli. 9th March 2005.
Extra Programmes:
Programme No.10 Freedom of Association. 22nd Feb 2005
( Registration of Union in Cocacola Unit- Piragut- Dist. Pune.)

Programme No.11 Expectations of women representatives from Judiciary .
Pune District Court, 12th March 2005.

Programme No.12 Importance of mental peace to increase productivity.
18th and 19th April 2005. Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan. Pune.

Project 2. Legal Awareness Projects Date:- 07/02/2005

Legal Awareness Projects
Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust has been successfully conducting many legal awareness programs for the disadvantaged women. These programs are focused on educating women about the laws made for women's physical, social, psychological, financial security.
The trust has been vehemently working towards creation of awareness among women. Under these programs, projects are taken up to inform women about various types of right aimed at benefiting them such as Right to Learn.

Project 1. SECOW. Jijau Audyogic Coop. Society Ltd. Date:- 12/08/2002

MMCT formed a model - SECOW(Self Employment by Cooperation of Women) enabling women with training about all the different aspects of business like costs, production, accounting, marketing, sales and also hygiene These women faced many difficulties in financial management activities during the initial stage. In order to assist them in these activities, MMCT founded Jijau Audyogic Cooperative Society on this SECOW model with a thought of giving recognition to these trained women and providing them good platform and to give these women an opportunity to independently handle all the routine activities of their groups. Good health care and attention is provided for women workers by arranging regular free medical checkups. After registering ‘Jijau’, more than 500 women are engaged in activities like catering, looking after elderly persons, housekeeping, gardening and literacy in the year 2002 to 2005 in and around Pune.
Jijau coop. as a pilot project has received tremendous success by involving these down trodden women. Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust has been running various projects based on this pilot project. The Jijau Audyogic Cooperative Society has thus given them a confidence that the women of the unorganized sector, when given proper training and support can become independent and stand on their own feet.
But as we started the work of ‘Jijau Audyogic Sahakari Society’ on cooperative basis we met with a block in it’s progress as accounts and systems required to run a cooperative by these women were difficult to operate in practice as most of the women were illiterate.
The progress of MMCT has been with self-help and cooperation. In this venture, many institutes like Spencer's, Lupin , Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan,Pune, MCCIA-Pune, Venky's Uttara foods and feeds, Local grocery shops, individuals have extended a helping hand.


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