Pandita Project

In a school class the number of students is very high and is made up of various levels of intelligence.This results in the teachers teaching to an average level of understanding. Thus a lot of students remain away from advanced methods such as synthesis, analysis & application of theories beyond the scope of curriculum. Students, specially from rural background, remain weak in these areas.

We plan to help the girls from Kanyashala of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, at Dehuroad in the above learning levels.

The expected outlay of expenses:

Year 2017-18      Rs. 3,00,000

Year 2018-19      Rs. 5,00,000

Year 2017-18      Rs. 6,75,000

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Project Pandita – Objectives

Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust realized a need to start empowering girls from underprivileged stratum of society at  a younger age and to help them in increasing their education level. With this aim in mind we selected Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s Kanyashala at Dehu, Pune for implementing our Project Pandita.

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