Activity 1.Educational Activities For girls from economically weaker section

  1. Scholarships for Post Graduation.
  2. We observed that the number of girls opting for post graduate studies is minimal, as they do not have enough finances, hence our scholarships.
  3. Spoken English tutorials.
  4. Extra coaching for Math’s. & Science.
  5. Awareness of nutrition & health.

Activity 2.For Senior Citizens

  1. Library of Marathi Books in cooperation with ‘Grantha Tumchya Dari’ project of   ‘Kusumagraj Pratishthan’, of Nashik
  2. Movie & Drama ( Marathi, Hindi & English ) Club.
  3. MMCT's 'Katta' is a forum. Dictionary meaning of Forum is stated among others as

    (1) A medium for open discussion, such as a magazine

    (2) A public meeting place for open discussion.

    It initially started with senior citizens in mind. It is organized on 4th Tuesday of every month. Eminent persons from various fields like social, science, environment, entertainment and some with special skills address the gathering.

    Share their experiences with the audience and ends with a question-answer session, more like a dialogue with the speaker. Katta has attracted young generation as well.

Activity 3.Debates (Parisamvads)

The ever changing society demands various roles from all of us, especially women. MMCT offers platforms where many social, psychological, financial issues like adoption, dual responsibilities of women, live in relationship, today’s culture, relations with parents, ragging, etc. are discussed and debated. These debates culminate in finding helpful solutions and notions for women and society.

Activity 4. 8th March, International Woman’s Day

MMCT celebrates the International Women's day with many programs, interviews of successful women entrepreneurs, social workers and famous personalities are conducted on this occasion. Informative and awareness programs are arranged by inviting different eminent personalities from range of areas.

Activity 5.Savitribai Phule Award

Savitribai Phule Award is the recognition of a woman who takes up the responsibility of educational welfare of women. Women who have been working devotedly for at least 10 years in the field of education are rewarded by MMCT through this award.

Application for INDIVIDUAL WOMAN working in the area of women welfare and empowerment.


Activity 6.Pandita Ramabai Award

Along with individual social workers, the work of NGOs is also praised by MMCT. Pandita Ramabai Award is received by an NGO that works in the area of women welfare and empowerment.
Majhi Maitrin Charitable Trust celebrates 8 March, Women's Day by offering these two prestigious awards. Each year the applications for these two awards are accepted between 1 January to 15 February along with required documents and /or a CD presentation of work.

Application for NGOs working in the area of women welfare and empowerment


Activity 7. Suhasini Karandak

Suhasini Karandak is considered a very special competition for the women artists who are looking for on-stage performing opportunities. This renowned competition brings out the unseen and unrevealed talents from the amateur women performers. MMCT considers this competition as a tribute to Mrs. Suhasini Moolgaonkar who was the pioneer of one-act performances by women.
Suhasini Karandak, the competition, which is only for amateurs, presents an encouraging chance to women of all ages. It is held in three groups - first group is for the women between the ages of 15-30, the second group is for age group of 31-55 and the third group is for senior citizens of who are above 55 years of age.

Activity 8. Jiwabhavachi Majhi Maitrin, a magazine exclusively for women

Jiwabhavachi Majhi Maitrin, a magazine for women has carved an exceptional identity for itself with its unique and women-focused contents. This magazine presents all the topics encompassed in the life of a woman while giving equal importance and attention to issues faced by women of all areas and classes.Contribution by many famous writers has been the pride of this magazine. Upcoming writers and poets are welcome to give voice to their thoughts through our magazine. The surplus funds generated from this activity are utilized for MMCT projects.
Some of its popular features are:

  • Joint Family interviews
  • Interviews of successful personalities                                                                                   
  • Interviews on topics close to women’s heart
  • Money Matters – Investments
  • G2S - Glitz, Glamour, Style
  • Cinema & Drama
  • Latest in literature
  • Deep in my heart
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